Jacksonville FL is a great city to call home, and there are some wonderful neighborhoods to choose from. Depending on what you are looking for, the gated community of Hampton Park would be a great place to start your search. Hampton Park is full of listings that feature all the luxuries you might expect and then some. It doesn’t get any better than Hampton Park homes for sale in Jacksonville FL.

If you were to choose Hampton Park as your new neighborhood, you have easy access to the beach. Could you see yourself soaking up the Florida sun on a daily basis? There is work to be done, especially if you have a move to plan, but you are certainly going to find time for the beach. In fact, it may even be why you chose Jacksonville FL as your new city.

Perhaps you already live in Jacksonville, and you are upgrading to Hampton Park. Talk about an upgrade. Do you even need to look outside this luxury community? Hampton Park homes for sale have so much to offer. You aren’t just near the beach, but also St. John’s Town Center and much more. What else is there to know about this neighborhood?

You might also want to know the size of the neighborhood. While you will see it and some of its listings soon enough, it’s good to know that Hampton Park features a total of 317 homes. That is a sizable neighborhood for sure, and remember, Hampton Park is of course a gated community. You will also like the common areas that are available, or the luxurious amenities available to the community I should say. For example, there are two swimming pools, but that’s not even close to the whole picture.

Hampton Park also features soccer fields, a luxurious private clubhouse and much more. You don’t want to be sold on the gated community of Hampton Park before you find the right listing though. Save some for later as you visit listings in person. For now, browse them online, and find a good agent in the Jacksonville area.

There are other luxurious communities in Jacksonville FL that you could call home. After reading about Hampton Park, however, you likely have only one thing on your mind. Who could blame you, and hopefully you will run across the listing that feels right for you and your family as you plan to get settled in Jacksonville.…