My husband and I wanted to purchase a home. We had rented for a few years and managed to save up enough money to put down on a home. We started looking at real estate Red Deer area.

My husband stopped at the gas station and picked up a real estate book that had listings in the area. He looked through that and found a few homes he wanted to see if I was interested in. I looked at them and thought they were really nice and wanted to look at them in person. He said he would contact a real estate agent so we could go look at them.

That’s when I decided to go online and search for real estate Red Deer area had for sale. I came upon a few different websites for real estate agents in the area. Then I found Zillow which had all the listings around in one place. There was lots of information including the size of the home and other vital information. The listing also included which realtor had it for sale and the contact information for them. There were pictures of the homes and the inside of them as well. I found the listings my husband and I wanted to look at in person and went through the pictures that were there. I found several pictures of the inside of these homes and showed my husband what I found. He liked them and was calling the real estate agent tomorrow. I told him I would just contact them through the website because that would be the easiest thing to do and he agreed. We looked through more of the listings searching by the price we wanted to pay for a home. We found a few others we were interested in looking at too.

Once the real estate agent called us back we let them know what we wanted to look at. They said they could show us any listing we wanted to see so we gave them the information for all of them. There were a total of 5 homes to look at.

After looking at all of these homes, we decided which one we wanted to purchase. The real estate agent made it easy to find the perfect home and showed us every one we wanted to see. They also simplified the process for us.…