Aside from all the stress and effort you have when moving, you’re also at risk for unwanted accidents. Let Richmond VA movers assist you during your transfer to ensure a safe and affordable move.


#1: Always Plan In Advance

Packing can be a dangerous task, especially if you don’t take it seriously. Some of the glassware might break along the way, or a cabinet can collapse while you move it from one place to another. Planning also means including schedules of which items go first or last, but it should also include proper time management so that you can fully ensure the safety and sturdiness of the things.


#2: Don’t Hesitate In Asking For Help

Despite having the extra time to pack and move, working alone can delay everything. It’s impossible to move every piece of furniture by yourself. Plus, there should be a systematic approach to avoid accidents and confusion. Ask help from either family members or a moving company.


#3: Study The Right Way To Lift Things

Since you don’t lift heavy furniture or items daily, the sudden lifting activity when moving might cause awkward positions and ultimately lead to accidents. Follow these tips when handling large and bulky items to and from the house:

  • Always use your knees and legs when lifting, not your back.
  • If you have a choice, push heavy items rather than carrying. You may ask for trolleys for more comfortable pushing.
  • Turn or change directions using your feet, not your knees.
  • Use slow and sturdy steps. Do not make sudden movements.
  • Keep your eyes on the item when lifting and focus.
  • Do not lift things above the head unless necessary or with a helper.


#4: Clear All The Paths

Before moving the big stuff, make sure you packed away all the small items. Accidents happen because of people stepping on small toys, rugs, or even small appliances. Also, trim long grass along the driveway to avoid slipping.


#5: Choose The Right Clothes

Clothes may also cause accidents if you choose the wrong ones. Here are ideas about the proper attire you should wear while on the process of moving:

  • Don’t wear loose or baggy clothing
  • Use thick, closed shoes
  • Use appropriate personal protective gear

Safety is the number one priority of Richmond VA movers Check your schedule and book an appointment now!…