The process of moving will be a whole lot easier if you don’t have a ton of stuff to take with you. Before you look for the best movers Jackson TN, here are some smart ways to downsize your home.


  • Start by decluttering

To start the process of downsizing your home, deal with the excess clutter first. Donate, sell, and throw away everything that you don’t need so you won’t have to lug it over to your new house. Easier said than done, but you will thank yourself later.

  • Downsize furniture

If you are moving to a smaller home, you can’t take all your current furniture with you. Get rid of the large furniture that would make your new home cramped. Alternatively, you can replace your current furniture with smaller, more space-efficient ones.

  • Check each box

Go through every box that you pack before sealing them. If you see something that you have no reason to bring to your new home, get rid of it to free up more space.

  • Practice the one year rule

It can be challenging to get rid of things that you “might use later,” but this mindset can make junk pile up in your home. To make things easier for you, follow the one year rule: if you haven’t used it in one year or more, it doesn’t need to stay.

  • Ask family or friends to keep them

For items that hold special meaning to you but don’t have room in your new house, why not give them to your family and friends? In this way, you don’t simply throw them away, they get to be enjoyed by a person that you care about.\

  • Involve family members

You don’t want to accidentally get rid of stuff that turns out to have sentimental value to your family. As much as possible, involve your family in the downsizing process.

Downsizing a home is a tedious, and often even emotional, process. But with less stuff to bring to your new home, the more you can enjoy a new life without unnecessary material things weighing you down.…