5 Dishes In Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss

You must know Canada as the home of majestic mountains and captivating sceneries. However, there are many reasons why you should visit the country. One of them is their food. If you are a tourist or a gourmand, then visiting the country can satisfy your palate. So, prepare your Canada ETA and savor these fantastic dishes. 

Montreal-style Smoked Meat

This smoked meat is comparable to pastrami. It is the outcome of beef brisket salted and cured for a week with a variety of spices that provides you that heavenly taste. You can see this as a topping for poutine, but it is typically served in a rye bread sandwich coated with tangy, yellow mustard. You can go to Schwartz’s Deli,recognized worldwide and one of the best restaurants in Canada, because of their smoked meat sandwiches. 


Of course, you shouldn’t miss out eating poutine, a few of Canada’s well-known dishes. It is a combination of squeaky cheese curds, crispy fries, and grave to give you the plate of dreams. This French Canadian meal is so popular that you can find this in all parts of the world. But nothing can beat the authentic meal cooked in Canada. You can also add toppings of your choice like bacon, smoked meat, and pulled pork. 

Saskatoon Berry Pie

If you have that sweet tooth, then you should try this ultimate candidate for the perfect pie. Imagine eating this almondy and sweet flavor, which can change your perspective in life. One of the must-eat desserts in the country. 

Nova Scotian Lobster Rolls

If you are craving seafood, then Canada offers you the Pacific and Atlantic salmon, arctic char, and the Nova Scotian Lobster Rolls. A Canadian favorite that you will not regret. 


It was once an essential staple for the aboriginal people in Canada; the bannock is a plain bread yet versatile and delicious. However, there are modern versions of this bread, which include the fried version, crispy yet soft on the inside, and the baked version, which is dense or heavy. There are other varieties of this bread that you can enjoy in cafes and bakeries nationwide. 

Canada does not only provide you a feast to your eyes but also on your tongue. Visiting the country will give you many opportunities to dine on these dishes and satisfy your stomachs.