Travaux de Rénovation – Tips for a successful renovation

Starting to renovate can seem complex at a first glance. However, by respecting a few simple rules, the risk of disappointment remains limited. Here are 10 simple tips from Deco Smart – travaux de rénovation, that will save you a lot of trouble.

To help you realize the precise work that needs to be done in the near future, and to classify them in order of priority, call on a specialized company or person.

Establish a schedule

To be sure of a successful renovation , it is necessary to establish and follow a precise schedule. The renovation works must respect a certain order. Thus, the windows and the insulation should be replaced before a boiler. The latter will be dimensioned taking into account the current energy needs and not those preceding the renovation . If you redo your kitchen, destructive work, such as plumbing and electricity, are done before tiling and installation of furniture.

Calculate the budget

The budget is established without omitting any work that needs to be done and taking into consideration a small margin. Nothing is more discouraging than living in a perpetual building site because you lack the money to finish it. But, financial efforts are often rewarded.

Administrative authorizations

Successful renovation also means respecting the legislation in force concerning the operations carried out. The urban planning departments of your municipality are able to inform you about everything at this point.

Reflect on the needs of the family

You have to think about the current and future needs of your family. Thus, having one room for children will probably become problematic when they are teenagers. Installing a walk-in shower is a good idea if the first signs of a decrease in mobility appear. For a bathroom or a kitchen, the functional side is essential. Anticipate your needs for a comfortable home.

Measure your decorative desires

A successful renovation is a renovation corresponding to the tastes of the occupants. Modern, warm, refined, traditional, industrial, all environments are of course allowed. However, everything depends on the ultimate goal. If you have a short or medium-term sales plan, too personal a choice may discourage potential buyers. Think about it when making your choice of colors and materials!

Choose quality

The choice of low-cost does not necessarily always pay for successful renovation . Opting for solid and quality materials can save money in the long run. Choosing equipment that consumes less energy, using technologies known to be stabilized (condensing boiler, double glazing, etc.) is a winning equation for your portfolio and the environment.

Choosing good professionals

Essential point for a successful renovation : find a quality craftsman to entrust. Word of mouth and internet prospecting are good ways to choose a construction company. Better yet: look for craftsmen with qualifications. In any case, be vigilant about the legal obligations.

Follow up the construction site

Another essential step of the renovation works : the monitoring of the site. The ideal is to call an architect to take care of things!

End of the project

Last but not least, do not forget that the end of the project must not be neglected. The reception can be express or tacit. If you notice any defects on the job site, write them down. The responsible construction professional will have to come and repair them, as part of the guarantee of perfect completion.