Ways To Preserve Outdoor Wood

Since outdoor wood gets exposed to different environmental factors such as the sun, wind, and rain, it’s essential to take additional steps in protecting these types of wood.

Why should owners start taking care of outdoor wood from oak beams uk? First, this is to reduce further costs, especially in replacing the worn-out wood. Second, preservation allows the wood to become viable for a long time.Here are ways you can start preserving outdoor wood.

#1: Familiarize Yourself With Different Wood Coating

Although there are various coatings on the market, the most common product used is the exterior-grade penetrating stain. The product consists of mildewcide and a component that absorbs explicitly UV light rays, which ultimately protects the wood against harmful rays of the sun. These coatings come in both oil and water-based formulas, and it also contains resins that add to the blockage of other adverse effects of different weather.

#2: Allow The Newly Purchased Wood To Dry

Buying new wood pieces should be allowed to dry out first before applying any coating. Manufacturers treat the wood with water-based preservatives, so that means the product contains moisture. Leave the wood uncoated for at least two to four weeks before coating. Also, owners should take note of the time intervals, the weather, as well as the wood’s exposure to different environmental factors.

#3: Preserving Sun Damaged Outdoor Wood

Damaged wood due to the sun can still look brand new despite the gray colors. Owners can start “sanding” or use a pressure washer. But, take note that sanding can take up a lot of time, which is why many switch to pressure washers. However, remember that pressure washers also cause the wood to splinter. Instead, set the pressure at 1,200 Psi or below.

#4: Use A Wood Brightener

Many owners overlook the importance of using a brightener. But in reality, these products aid in maximizing the penetration of wood coatings, which then ultimately help renew the outdoor wood. Brighteners only need to be sprayed onto the surface, leave it on for a few minutes, and wash it off with water. Start preserving your oak beams uk outdoor wood now!