What Is Ceramic Coating?

Most car owners always want their cars to look clean and shiny. They do it by having their cars washed regularly and applying coats of wax afterward. But no matter what care and attention you give to your car, something’s bound to happen to it! Chips, dents, scratches, and stains will most likely be the main problem of your car’s paint job. Such a headache, right? But, what if you could find a product that could make your car look like it just went out of a showroom? If this product could give your car the protection it needs against the harsh environments, would you go for it? This product is called Ceramic Coating.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that’s applied to a car’s exterior. It is applied on the car’s surface to give it better protection against dirt, scratches, and chemical contaminants.

It is also called nano-coating because it fuses with the car’s surface. It forms a glossy and longer-lasting shield that also repels, water, contaminants, and also Ultra-Violet (UV) rays. It also has no side-effects on the car’s original paint.

What are its advantages?

  • The ceramic coating offers incredible protection to the car’s shell. Ceramic coating lasts longer than the car’s regular paint. Due to the strong chemical bonds of the nano-particles with the paint surface, it can withstand vibrations and even heavy shocks.
  • The car is easier to clean. Ceramic coated cars are smooth and scuff-free. Dirt cannot stick to smooth surfaces, which makes it easier to clean. Even if some dirt manages to stick, just a wipe using clean cloth can bring back the car to its shiny state! It is even compatible to use with car waxes. 
  • It is cost-effective. It can give your car protection for a very long time, plus it makes your car look so much better and add substantial value to your car.

How about the disadvantages? Are there any?

  • Ceramic coatings are quite expensive.
  • You need a professional to apply the ceramic coating on your car. It usually takes around three days in a detailing shop to finish it. If you try to do the coating yourself, you may ruin the original paint finish of your car, and your car may look worse.

Everybody wants their cars to look nice and sharp. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages, the only downside of ceramic coatings is the price. For sure, car owners want this product. As the old saying goes, getting a car is just like raising a kid. You have to give and do what’s best for them.