It is relatively easy to apply for an Esta, but there are a few things to know ahead of time. First, make sure you have ample time to complete the application. You must do this online on the official website.

Make certain that you qualify to get an Esta. The official website discloses all these details. Generally, you must be traveling to the United States for business or pleasure for less than 90 days. You must also come from one of the countries listed on the main page. You need to have a valid passport for travel and you also need to have a valid return flight ticket.

While you most likely will be healthy enough to travel, before you fill out the application, understand what equates having communicable diseases or physical and mental disorders. You need to answer the questions pertaining to these issues truthfully and accurately. More information about them is also available on the website.

The time to complete the application is about 15 to 20 minutes but allow more time if you need to collect any additional information as you type up the answers to the questions on the application. Be sure you have the time to properly complete the application as any incorrect answers will invalidate it or force you to reapply.

Make certain that your Internet connection is stable. If the connection goes out or weakens while you are applying it could impact your application. You need to have the ESTA completed and approved 72 hours ahead of boarding a flight and if your application does not go through due to a poor connection, it could mean trouble once you arrive to board your flight.

Finally, be sure you have the proper funds to complete the application. You will need to pay to apply for an Esta and its processing.…