Estate agents in Northampton have said that if we choose to exit the EU it will have a negative effect over the next few years

The 2016 twelve-monthly pace of home prices in the Britain have slowed to 4.9% in April, it is dropped from being 5.7% the previous month In March of 2016 the yearly pace of house prices in the UK was at 5.7% and dropped to 4.9% in April. In April house prices increased by just 0.2%, this is the lowest monthly increase ever since last November. Currently the demand for commercial property has slumped to a record low. In March property owners were rushing to beat an expansion in stamp study, this resulted in the selling of residences being at a record high. Since the EU referendum were to become a certainty following the general election last May, there has been a decline in interest from from internation traders in the United kingdoms commercial property. A Britain leave from the EU would surely have a bad influence on the profitable property sector, this is what was said by 43% of surveyors; 6% suppose it would have a good effect.

Estate agents in Northampton have said that if we choose to exit the EU it will have a negative effect over the next few years, as property costs will decrease. A positive outcome of the drop in costs of houses would be that they are more affordable for first time buyers. They would profit from the minor competition for housing and rental inflation would slow down. The fall in let inflation might end up making private property owners advertise their properties.

Although several people are saying property prices will reduce if we depart the EU, although there is a debate on whether this is a negative thing. The standard house values would be at a sustainable amount, if the costs did decrease. The decline in prices would a be a positive thing for young, first time buyer’s. Things could not improve quickly for first time buyers it could over time. Although it can have a bad consequence on landlords if they have to advertise their homes, as they might not get as much as they previously could. The housing market as a whole might get worse, as the next 10 years go by. This could mean that the price of properties will rise, some up to £1m and higher. This would make things harder for first time buyers.

Brexit could swipe 25% off the standard house value. In North Wales there has been some houses dropping by 7.5% in price over the past year The price of properties in North Wales has been decreasing, in the last year, by roughly 7.5%. There would be an rise in interest rates and a major correction in the housing market, as well as inferior growth, this would additionally trigger the sudden fall in house prices. Unless you are a buy-to-let landlord or about to advertise your home, then the price of houses doesn’t affect you. Property transactions are likely to fall in the second quarter as likely buyers await the results Potential buyers will be awaiting the outcome of the falling costs, that will result in property transactions decreasing during the second quarter. There has previously been a fall in European buyers in the last 3 months; this has then contributed to a decline in prices in the capitals luxury postcodes of as much as 12% as opposed to last twelve months The lack of European buyers being concerned in United kingdom houses over the last few months, has ended up contributing to the decline of costs in capitals luxury postcodes. Certain landlords have chosen to buy smaller residences as a result of the decrease in prices, this is as smaller households are still in high demand.

Buying a Home in Manchester

Buying a house in Manchester can be quite an exercise both for the mind and the pocket. Buying a home can be both time consuming as well as confusing. Always remember one must work out what one can afford before thinking of buying a house. Always remember that one will need ten per cent of the total price to be given as deposit and five per cent if one is using the government help.

Making an offer on the dream home: Once it has been decided which house to buy one needs to make an application. Along with this one needs to appoint a surveyor or a specialist in property law. This person will be representing you

during the buying process.

Property surveillance: A full structural survey will cost over six hundred pounds. This survey will help to give a detailed picture which will also include repairs if any. The surveyor will then take over the total sale of the house. He will then get a draft contract ready with the help of the seller’s solicitors. When all the

cases have been cleared and understood then you will have the sign the documents which will include the following.

  • Contract paper of sale.
  • Stamp duty
  • Land tax returns
  • Transfer of sale.

Once both the parties have signed the documents the sale becomes legal and binding in letter and spirit. Finally the deposit amount has to be paid.

It is always advisable to pay the right price. As both parties are sensible nothing can go wrong in signing a deal.

Reasons to buy a home in Manchester

Manchester has a population of over half a million and is one of the largest cities in the UK. The city has many popular landmarks. The city can be proud by saying that it has the third largest economy in the country. The architecture ranges from Victorian to contemporary and that makes it just the right reason to buy a house in Manchester. If one is looking for higher education Manchester is the right place to be. It has three Universities and the largest urban education presence. It also has many well known secondary schools and has some of the best education facilities in the country.

Attractions around Manchester

Manchester can boast for having the tallest residential building in Europe known as the Bee than Towers. It is also the home of the Piccadilly Gardens and the most famous square known as the Albert square. The city can also boast of art galleries and museums, for sports lovers Manchester has the two largest football clubs in the world. They are Manchester City and Manchester United. For the sunset lovers the city offers night clubs, bars and live music concerts.


Manchester is well connected by road, train and planes. There is also the metro link tram which has seven lines that connect through the length and breadth of Manchester. For those who did not know Manchester has the largest tram network in the whole of UK.